Dealing with Holiday Temptations

Having a hard time living up to the promise you made in early December to resist the myriad of mouth-watering treats that pop up during the holiday season? Whether you could use some help navigating social events or dealing with the tray of sugar cookies a co-worker planted in the break room, try these getting-back-on-track strategies from fitness expert Christine King of Your Best Fit:


  • Before you mindlessly reach for that sugary delight, take a minute to drink a large glass of ice water. The cold water fills your stomach and makes you less hungry. The stomach doesn’t allow anything to exit until it’s heated to body temperature, so this is a great practice before every meal. Use the water trick to limit alcohol consumption, too. You’ll drink your first adult beverage slower and lessen those empty calories throughout the evening.
  • Take Charge! Bring your own low-cal version of a tasty delight for your fellow office mates to try. You don’t even need to tell them it’s a healthier version; they’ll never know!
  • Try to stick with eating six small, healthy meals each day. When those treats pop up at the office, you’ll be less likely to indulge.
  • Be proactive before holiday parties by eating something healthy before going. This could be a salad, protein bar, or any small, healthy meal.  Be sure to drink that water before eating. When you arrive at the party, you’ll be less likely to indulge in all of the fatty hors d’oeuvres right away.


Image courtesy of Thinkstock Photos.