Livestrong Video Series

CK_Live_Strong_Main_PicIf your joints are feeling stiff and tight it means you need to incorporate more stretching throughout your day. This Livestrong Series focuses on a variety of stretches that can be performed daily.  They even include stretches while you’re at the office or at your desk. Get tips on stretching and general fitness related topics with help from fitness expert Christine King in this free video series.



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Brachioradialis_Stretch-300x165  Serratus_Posterior_Inferior_Stretch-1Strengthen_Legs_With_Patella_Pain-1  Hamstring_Strengthening_for_Tennis  Soleus_Exercises  Fractured_Vertebrae_From_Weightlifting_in_TeensHow_to_Stretch_the_Quadratus_Lumborum  The_Tuck-in_Neck_StretchInfraspinatus_Stretching  Sacrum_StretchingPain_in_the_Muscles_with_Limited_Upper_Body_Strength