Group Exercise

YourBestFit offers a variety of group exercise classes to create a well rounded fitness program for our clients.  A group exercise class is a great accompaniment to your personal training program!

Core Sculpt Circuit
Imagine a class that improves your appearance, strength, flexibility, balance and even helps you lose weight—all in 30 minutes. Now imagine that it’s not only effective, but fun.

You’ll move through a circuit, spending only 45 seconds at each of stations, where you use hand weights, stability balls, resistance bands, tubing, a balance board, BOSU ball and other fun tools.

Cardio, Strength, and Flexibility…all in only 30 minutes.
Try it and you’ll be amazed at the results.

A beautiful flowing class of Hatha yoga postures that will challenge your balance, improve your strength and increase your flexibility.  Yoga encourages the mind-body connection and this class offers a non-competitive environment which allows each individual to move at a comfortable pace.

Exercise  *  Breathing  *  Relaxation  *  Meditation

The Pilates Method focuses on the well being of the mind and body. Improve your flexibility and strength while encouraging the development of long lean muscle.  Benefits from practicing the Pilates Method include: improvements in posture, balance and core strength in addition to increased lung capacity through emphasis in coordinating the breath with movement.

Water Aerobics
Move freely to the music in the delicious water that will make you feel amazing! This fun, low impact experience stretches and sculpts the entire body. Class is appropriate for all fitness levels, both men and women are welcome.

Our expert instructors keep things exciting at every session, teaching you new moves to use all of your joints and melt away inches everywhere!

We also offer many other popular Group Programs   

Golf Conditioning, Back Rehabilitation Classes, Kick Boxing, Boot Camp, Zumba, Martial Arts, Stretching, Meditation, Nutrition