Get Fit Fast…

Is there such a thing?

Absolutely yes!

In the hustle & bustle of your busy day you can find ways to boost your metabolism, burn more calories, and be more fit.  And although the old advice of taking the stairs and parking your car farther away still definitely apply, most people aren’t buying it.  They truly wonder how much of a difference doing those things will actually make a difference in how they look and feel.

Read more to find out how easy it is to achieve your goals.

ALL of our daily activities add up, including taking the stairs and parking the car farther away.  But honestly, they will not give you noticable results in how your pants fit.  If you give me 30 seconds of your time each day, I will show you how to make a difference in how your body looks and feels.  Will 30 seconds make a difference, YES!

Here’s how you start.

1.  Find a watch with a second hand.
2.  Begin your day by sitting in a chair (no, I’m not kidding).
3.  Stand up and down from the chair as many times as you can for 30 seconds.

If you become tired or short of breath, simply sit down and rest.

I defy anyone of any age to try this activity and tell me that it doesn’t work.

Begin by doing this just once a day, then twice, and then three times (breakfast/lunch/dinner).  That equals just 1 1/2 minutes of concentrated activity each day.  After you do this for one week, I’ll be back next week to give you another fast fix to getting fit!

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Author: Christine King, Owner of Your Best Fit