Dear Christine,

I would like to thank you on behalf of the members of the Gulf Stream Bath and Tennis Club for the outstanding Fitness programs that you held at the Club. Not only did I receive raving reviews from the participants but also from the House Committee and the Board of Governors. Personally, I commend you on your organization, promptness and enthusiasm.

It was exciting to see members sboth male and female of all ages participate and benefit from the program. Comments made to me were all positive and everyone was looking forward to future classes. I believe that this is not only due to the course content but also to your dynamic personality and positive attitude.

Thank you again Christine for your part in making this season such a great success.


Jim Calhoun
General Manager
Gulf Stream Bath and Tennis Club

Dear Christine,

Thank you for the very successful “Strength Training For Women” program you ran at The Dunes Club. It filled a need for women of all ages who had given up on aerobic-type exercise classes.

I have received numerous favorable comments from particpants concerning the program and you as instructor. Your enthusiasm, sincere belief in the benefits of exercise and ability to maintain interest and instill confidence was most often quoted.

The real success of the program was also indicated by the need to add more sessions to satisfy the demand of the membership.

Again, I thank you and congratulate you on a most successful program, the first of its kind tried here at The Dunes Club.


Donald A Dragon, CCM
General Manager
The Dunes Club

To whom it may concern:

I am writing to recommend Christine King on three levels:
Personally, as a businesswoman, and as a personal trainer.
At all three levels, Christine brings professionalism, integrity and commitment to her craft.

As a person, Christine has inspired many with her own personal journey. Having said that, she does so without waving the flag of look at what I have done. She simply sets an example of the power of the human spirit and will.

As a business woman, Christine keeps people informed, follows through on her commitments, attracts great staff (and quickly acts when that is not the case), and involves herself actively in the community – both for business development and because she genuinely cares about the causes she champions.

As a personal trainer, I have a love/hate relationship with Christine. She has pushed me to be in the best shape of my life at 55 (me, not her!) and feel better than ever. I cam to her to rehab an injury that I feared required neck surgery. I am symptom-free, and fit by virtually every measure. I owe much of that to Christine and her gradual approach to physical improvement – and her no-nonsense style that she adopts for me. It isn’t easy! She pushes me hard, and that is what I need. I see her work with people at all levels of fitness and of all ages – and she adapts her style to fit them.

Whatever relationship you are considering with Christine and her company, you will be richly rewarded.


Stephen Garber
Third Level, Ltd.