In July of 1996, Christine King was involved in a serious Jet Ski accident, which left her with a broken back. As Christine was pulled from the water, she repeatedly said “I cannot feel my legs”, she was fearful that she may never walk again. Six months prior to this terrible accident, she was in vigorous training for the Miss Fitness USA Contest.

The accident caused an explosion of a lower lumbar vertebrae. Doctors were unable to say whether Christine would ever walk again. In emergency surgery, bone was taken from her hip to replace what had burst in her back. Two rods and four pins were inserted to hold her back together.

After the surgery, the doctors informed Christine the operation was a success. Although her back had been repaired, they were still unsure of the amount of nerve damage and internal injuries. After a rigorous rehabilitation, doctors were confident that she would regain most of the mobility in her lower extremities. The doctors also told Christine that the superior physical condition she was in prior to the accident is the primary reason she would be able to walk again.

As Christine laid in her hospital bed and still had little movement in her legs, the doctor’s positive comments convinced her that she would walk again. After the realization of how important it is to be fit, Christine decided that she would dedicate her life to helping others to get fit!

During the several months of rehabilitation, Christine also studied for and became nationally certified by the American Council on Exercise, and also became a Post-Rehabilitative and Medical Exercise Specialist.

These certifications combined with her degree in communications, prompted Christine to change her career full time to educating people worldwide about the importance of developing healthier lifestyles.